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Wargroove - Sigrid, Nuru - Chucklefish Games (Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, PC)

The Letter – Marianne, Ending Theme Song singer – YangYang Mobile (PC, PS4, XBOX)

Never Stop Sneakin' – Newscaster, Main Theme Song singer – Humble Hearts (Nintendo Switch)

Starstruck – Dawn, speaking and singing voice – Createdelic LLC (PC

and consoles)

Kelly Landers – PAYDAY: Crime War – Starbreeze Studios (Mobile)

HuniePop 2 – Abia Nawazi – HuniePot (PC)

My Time At Portia – Sophie – Pathea Games (PC, PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch)
Lorelai - Maria - Harvester Games (PC)

Deep Inertia – Jackson – PickLock Games (PC)

Heroes of Newerth – Onmyoji Tarot, Mercury Wretched Hag, Fireheart Magmus, Christmas Solstice,

Storm Daughters Sand Wraith – Frostburn Studios (PC)

Apotheon – Daphne – Alientrap Games (PC, PS4, XBOX)

A Tale Of Two Kingdoms – Rhiannon – Crystal Shard (PC)

Heroes Clash Of Kings – Linte, Guinevere – Elex Wireless (MOBILE)

Heroes Charge – Hidden Needle Tango Skin – uCool (MOBILE)

Heroes Arena – Hela Bloodweaver – uCool (MOBILE)

Poltergeist Treasure - Lorna - Standoff Software (PC)

Overload – Dr. Matsuko Yamada – Revival Productions (PC, PS4, XBOX)

XOXO Droplets – Missy Smith – GB Patch Games (PC)

CyberThreat – Hazel Maylis – Conor McKenna (PC)

Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes The Fox – Anzu – Reine Works


Mon-Cuties for All – Reine Works (PC)

War Legion - Nine Tails, Chantress, Crusader, Cleopatra, Kato Kiyomasa - MechanistGames (MOBILE)

Reflections: Dreams and Reality – Thiria – Reine Works (PC)

Pale Spectrum – Gwen – Ithaqua Labs (PC)

I'm Joshua – Millie – Dysotek Games (PC)

Adam Waste – Newscaster – Blackturn Ltd (PC)

Ancient Frontier – Veronica – Fair Weather Studios, LLC (PC)

Konsui Fighter – Yasu – Circean Studios (PC)

Thea: The Shattering – Lada, Zorya, Nyia, Dzievanna – MuHa Games


Neon Town – Extra Vocals – Treneon Games (PC)

Guise of the Wolf – Isabella – Fun Creators (PC)

Infinite Adventures – Astral Maiden, additional voices – Stormseeker

Games (PC, PS4, XBOX)

Fallout 4: WRVR – Lola Lenore – Game Mod (PC, PS4, XBOX)

Lake of Voices – Margret – GB Patch Games (PC)

Into the Hoop – Akane – Into The Hoop (PC)

Anonymous Agony – Main Theme Song singer – Jake Caro (PC)

Waifu Fight Dango Style! – Miss Kuroi – Enso Entertainment (PC)

Bella – Mobile Game – Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd


Lylium Legends -  Blue Mage / Battle Witch / Valkyrie Commander - FireSnake Games (MOBILE)

Pump Hero – The Mayor – Arbor Interactive (PC)
Yokai Kitchen - Monkey Boo, Fox Pam and Guest Sue - FriendTimes (MOBILE)
Genesis - Amber - Rampage Games (PC coming to PS4)



Death Battle – Tracer – Rooster Teeth (YouTube)

Hazbin Hotel – Charlie (singing voice) – VivziePop (YouTube)

Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (Season 2 and 3) – Shera, Old 

woman, Woman#2 – Team Four Star (YouTube)

FC University/Aphmau – Jennifer – BluJay Studios (YouTube)

Void Paradox/Aphmau – Polly – BluJay Studios (YouTube)
Heart Point/Aphmau - Cassidy - BluJay Studios (YouTube)

Project: Orisa (Overwatch tribute animaiton) – Orisa and Efi - LZBros (YouTube)

Various Popstar Parodies – Nicki Minaj and Cardi B – PopToonsTV (YouTube)
The April Fools' Apprentice – Mother, Main Theme song singer and

commercial voiceover – Tiffany Lim (eBook, YouTube)

ABC Song – Alisa – Baby Learning World (YouTube)

Violence Over Sex – Mother – PrimatePunk (YouTube)

Saving Private Poppins – P.L Travers – Matt Vargas (YouTube)

Night and Day – Daydream – Doctor Why (YouTube)

Benefactors – Nurse Kawle – Meridian Gray (College)

WHOOKOS – Valas – Us Studios ((YouTube)

AnyTown – Esmeralda – Marc Lovallo (YouTube)



Gareth Goes to Glyndebourne (BBC, documentary)

Britain's Got Talent (ITV)

All Together Now (BBC)


Fusion Orchestra 2 – Casting Shadows

Never Stop Sneakin' (Video Game OST)

The Letter (Video Game OST )

Whit3 Boy – Priority

Brighton Rock (2010 Motion Picture OST)

The Musical Companion To “Angels In My Bedroom” Book 1 – Hal Dickens

Generation Gaming XVI  - Dan Bull 

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