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Wargroove - Sigrid, Nuru - Chucklefish Games (Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, PC)

The Letter – Marianne, Ending Theme Song singer – YangYang Mobile (PC, PS4, XBOX)

Never Stop Sneakin' – Newscaster, Main Theme Song singer – Humble Hearts (Nintendo Switch)

Starstruck – Dawn, speaking and singing voice – Createdelic LLC (PC

and consoles)
Grand Guilds - Amelie Belrose - Drix Studios (PC, Nintendo Switch)

Jennifer - Remothered: Broken Porcelain - Stormind Games, MOBUS Games 

(PC, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, PS4)

PAYDAY: Crime War - Kelly Landers – Starbreeze Studios (Mobile)

HuniePop 2 – Abia Nawazi – HuniePot (PC)

My Time At Portia – Sophie – Pathea Games (PC, PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch)
Lorelai - Maria - Harvester Games (PC)

Love Esquire - Dr. Cecilia - YangYang Mobile (PC)

Deep Inertia – Jackson – PickLock Games (PC)

Heroes of Newerth – Onmyoji Tarot, Mercury Wretched Hag, Fireheart Magmus, Christmas Solstice,

Storm Daughters Sand Wraith – Frostburn Studios (PC)

Apotheon – Daphne – Alientrap Games (PC, PS4, XBOX)

A Tale Of Two Kingdoms – Rhiannon – Crystal Shard (PC)

Heroes Clash Of Kings – Linte, Guinevere – Elex Wireless (MOBILE)

Heroes Charge – Hidden Needle Tango Skin – uCool (MOBILE)

Heroes Arena – Hela Bloodweaver – uCool (MOBILE)

Poltergeist Treasure - Lorna - Standoff Software (PC)

Overload – Dr. Matsuko Yamada – Revival Productions (PC, PS4, XBOX)

XOXO Droplets – Missy Smith – GB Patch Games (PC)

CyberThreat – Hazel Maylis – Conor McKenna (PC)

Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes The Fox – Anzu – Reine Works (PC)

Flappatron - Mrs. Winks, Gobalina, various voices - Manning Media (PC)

lLeprechaun Shadow  - Lorna (PC)

Mon-Cuties for All – Reine Works (PC)

War Legion - Nine Tails, Chantress, Crusader, Cleopatra, Kato Kiyomasa - MechanistGames (MOBILE)

Reflections: Dreams and Reality – Thiria – Reine Works (PC)

Pale Spectrum – Gwen – Ithaqua Labs (PC)

I'm Joshua – Millie – Dysotek Games (PC)

Adam Waste – Newscaster – Blackturn Ltd (PC)

Ancient Frontier – Veronica – Fair Weather Studios, LLC (PC)

Konsui Fighter – Yasu – Circean Studios (PC)

Thea: The Shattering – Lada, Zorya, Nyia, Dzievanna – MuHa Games


Neon Town – Extra Vocals – Treneon Games (PC)

Guise of the Wolf – Isabella – Fun Creators (PC)

Infinite Adventures – Astral Maiden, additional voices – Stormseeker

Games (PC, PS4, XBOX)

Fallout 4: WRVR – Lola Lenore – Game Mod (PC, PS4, XBOX)

Lake of Voices – Margret – GB Patch Games (PC)

Into the Hoop – Akane – Into The Hoop (PC)

Anonymous Agony – Main Theme Song singer – Jake Caro (PC)

Waifu Fight Dango Style! – Miss Kuroi – Enso Entertainment (PC)

Bella – Mobile Game – Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd


Lylium Legends -  Blue Mage / Battle Witch / Valkyrie Commander - FireSnake Games (MOBILE)

Pump Hero – The Mayor – Arbor Interactive (PC)
Yokai Kitchen - Monkey Boo, Fox Pam and Guest Sue - FriendTimes (MOBILE)
Genesis - Amber - Rampage Games (PC coming to PS4)

The Divine Speaker - Lilas (PC)


Death Battle – Tracer – Rooster Teeth (YouTube)

Hazbin Hotel – Charlie (singing voice) – VivziePop (YouTube)

Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (Season 2 and 3) – Shera, Old 

woman, Woman#2 – Team Four Star (YouTube)

FC University/Aphmau – Jennifer – BluJay Studios (YouTube)

Void Paradox/Aphmau – Polly – BluJay Studios (YouTube)
Heart Point/Aphmau - Cassidy - BluJay Studios (YouTube)

Project: Orisa (Overwatch tribute animaiton) – Orisa and Efi - LZBros (YouTube)

Various Popstar Parodies – Nicki Minaj and Cardi B – PopToonsTV (YouTube)
The April Fools' Apprentice – Mother, Main Theme song singer and

commercial voiceover – Tiffany Lim (eBook, YouTube)

ABC Song – Alisa – Baby Learning World (YouTube)

Violence Over Sex – Mother – PrimatePunk (YouTube)

Saving Private Poppins – P.L Travers – Matt Vargas (YouTube)

Night and Day – Daydream – Doctor Why (YouTube)

Benefactors – Nurse Kawle – Meridian Gray (College)

WHOOKOS – Valas – Us Studios ((YouTube)

AnyTown – Esmeralda – Marc Lovallo (YouTube)




Narrator for the popular YouTube channels Looper, Nicki Swift, 

The List, Mashed, and more 




Gareth Goes to Glyndebourne (BBC, documentary)

Britain's Got Talent (ITV)

All Together Now (BBC)


Fusion Orchestra 2 – Casting Shadows

Never Stop Sneakin' (Video Game OST)

The Letter (Video Game OST )

Whit3 Boy – Priority

Brighton Rock (2010 Motion Picture OST)

The Musical Companion To “Angels In My Bedroom” Book 1 – Hal Dickens

Generation Gaming XVI  - Dan Bull