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Need a strong, emotive, capable voice able to stretch in all sorts of directions, for voice over AND singing? Look no further!


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Visual Demo:

A video game trailer which I performed the theme song for:

An example of me singing in character: 

Another video game trailer I performed the theme song for: 


"Elsie knocked it out of the park. It was amazing. Exactly what our character needed for that extra oomph!" 
- Frostburn Studios

"Excellent work! Professional and easy to work with!" 
- Starbreeze Studios

"Working with Elsie was a lot of fun! She is very professional and travels the extra mile to deliver an outstanding performance. She is also very supportive of her projects and I would definitely work with her again in the future!"

- Danni Ann Taylan, YangYangMobile

“When I first heard Elsie sing, it was like listening to a tenured and beautiful songstress who knows what she’s worth. I loved working with her, and would recommend her (and have recommended her) for any project.”
- Kiba Walker, Voice Actor

"Elsie effortlessly understood our vision for the character, and her line delivery sounded natural as well as entertaining. She imbued her lines with life beyond what we envisioned. She followed our conventions for the audio files to the letter and delivered them quickly."

- Eastshade Studios

"Elsie Lovelock has been one of my favorite talents to work with, very professional, eager to follow directions while giving her own input how she can, and above all else a very versatile voice behind tremendous acting talent. Should the time come when you are considering her for your next project, you shall not be disappointed!"

- P.M Seymour, Shining Star Casting, StarMan Studios

"Elsie performed as the voice actress for two different games of ours. The characters both had entirely different personalities, speaking styles, and accents. Her range is far reaching to say the least and the quality of her work is always to the highest degree. We’re grateful we had the opportunity to work with her!" 
- GB Patch Games

"Elsie Lovelock is a wonderful voice actor and singer, who I've been happy to be able to work with. She is versatile and flexible in delivery and characterization. A strong pick for female protagonist or villain roles. 10/10 would hire again!"
- Benjamin Kleman, CEO, Titanium Templar

"Working with Elsie over the course of numerous projects has always proven to be a fun and engaging experience--with no issues ever arising. With an impressive vocal range at her disposal and an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm put into each and every role, she's been able to breathe life into a number of characters of mine--each with their own distinct voice that leaves me blown away every time. With rapid communication between each set of takes and offering lightning fast turnaround times every time, it's clear she takes her work very seriously and offers the same amount of dedication to each and every job, no matter how big or small. All in all--if you're in search of someone who will put their heart and soul into every role given to them, and offer extremely efficient communication and blazing fast delivery of their lines, I highly recommend Elsie!"
- FrostWorks Studios