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Elsie Lovelock is a British voice actor and singer who has been acting since the age of 16. A force of creative nature since toddlerhood, she has been in many musical theatre productions and shows, both professional and amateur, and has worked as a host and entertainer professionally. Having had her own YouTube channel since 2008 where she has uploaded over 200+ self-mixed song covers with a combined total of over 70 million views, she has also used this knowledge and experience to further assist her in the vocal world.

With passionate drive and an extremely easy going disposition, she has provided voices and song vocals for a huge plethora of different video games, animations, albums and projects during her time as an actress. Elsie has a unique, dynamic, strong, emotive and very versatile voice with years of acting experience in theatre and voice over. Her normal speaking voice is clear, mid-to-low in pitch with an East Sussex accent. For video game and animation voice over; from old ladies, to children, to monsters - she has you covered! Because she's been playing video games and watching cartoons since she was a child, believe me, she understands what you need!
For singing; her voice is Soprano range, capable of adapting to every type of genre, with a very strong belt. She will deliver work punctually, take direction easily and strive to make her work the best quality it can possibly be!
With a fully equipped top-notch home studio, she continually works with clients from all over the world.

When she's not working on voice over or singing, she loves to listen to music and draw until an ungodly hour, play horrifically gory shooter video games with her friends and record and mix covers for her YouTube channel! Also long walks on the beach and fried chicken and the odd donut now and then...



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Microphone: Neumann U87 ai
Interface: Audient iD14 
Pre-amp: Neve 1073N
DAW: Adobe Audition 2023
Booth: Studiobricks One Plus


Skype, SourceConnect (Standard + Now), Zoom, Discord, GoToMeeting, CleanFeed (can use basically anything)​
Ethernet Connection

Upload speed: 18.77 Mbps

Download speed: 50.41 Mbps

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  • Animation
    Hazbin Hotel – Charlie (singing voice) – VivziePop Murder Drones–Uzi– GLITCH Productions Spooky Month (The Stars/Unwelcome Guest)–Lila (Mom)– SrPelo The Squad–Caroline– ArcadeCloud Animations Meta Runner (Season 2)–Evelyn, Additional Voices – GLITCH Productions SMG4 Shorts–Bo, Saiko– SMG4 Productions Death Battle – Tracer – Rooster Teeth FC University/Aphmau – Jennifer – BluJay Studios Void Paradox/Aphmau – Polly – BluJay Studios Red Love Riot–Emiko– Unmasked Studio Heart Point/Aphmau–Cassidy– BluJay Studios Blorptha–Blorptha– Zoe Pangeas Various Popstar Parodies – Nicki Minaj and Cardi B – PopToonsTV The April Fools' Apprentice – Mother, Main Theme song singer and commercial voiceover – Tiffany Lim ABC Song – Alisa – Baby Learning World Violence Over Sex – Mother – PrimatePunk Saving Private Poppins – P.L Travers – Matt Vargas WHOOKOS – Valas – Us Studios AnyTown – Esmeralda – Marc Lovallo Spooky Month: The Stars–Mom– SrPelo So This Is Basically Ace Attorney–Prosecutor Ducky– JelloApocalypse If Deltarune Was Realistic– Susie, Alphys– Smashbits Animations Neo Fighter Dream Crisis– May – OctoPie (YouTube) Brightly Burning Ether–Koelani Sumina– Blue Vertigo (Web Animation)
  • Anime
    Suppose a Kid From The Last Dungeon Boonies Moved To A Starter Town?–Phyllo Quinone– Sound Cadence Studios – FUNimation Island of Giant Insects– Inaho Enoki – Sound Cadence Studios Memories–Cannon Fodder/Stink Bomb Shorts– Newscaster, Additional Voices - Sound Cadence Studios Hortensia Saga –Young Alfred, Queen Eleanor– Studio Nano – FUNimation Magatsu Wahrheit: Zuerst–Female Forest Creature– Studio Nano – FUNimation Ishida and Asakura –Maid 1A, Additional Voices– Ascendant Animation The Titan’s Bride –Additional Voices– Ascendant Animation Digimon Adventure, Our War Game, Hurricane Touchdown, & Digimon the Movie - Mimi Tachikawa/Grandma Kinu - Discotek Media/Sound Cadence Studios Show Time!! - Minami Takasaki - Ascendant Animation
  • Video Games
    Wargroove –Sigrid, Nuru - Chucklefish Games (Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, PC) World Rally Championship 10–Female Co-Pilot (Consoles and PC) Paladins – Lillith– Hi Rez Studios, Evil Mojo Games (All platforms) SMITE – Cliodhna, Wise Hare Athena (All platforms) Dark Deity – Cia, Alexa– Sword and Axe LLC (PC) Chivalry 2 –Queen– Torn Banner Studios (PC, PS4, Xbox) Shadowverse – Lunalu, Lonesome Necromancer, Purgatory Knight – CyGames, Marc Graue Studios (PC) Popup Dungeon–Concealed Carrie, Hot Flash, Wise Woman, Fortune Teller (PC) Lust from Beyond –Mabel– Movie Games Lunarium (PC) Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness - Irene Kang– YangYang Mobile (PC) The Letter –Marianne, Ending Theme Song singer – YangYang Mobile (PC, PS4, XBOX) CLEO : The Game –The Receptionist - (PC) Never Stop Sneakin' – Newscaster, Main Theme Song singer – Humble Hearts (Nintendo Switch) Class of ‘09 - Nicole – SBN3 (PC) Starstruck – Dawn, speaking and singing voice – Createdelic LLC (PC and consoles) Gunnhildr–Hel - Ratdog Games (PC) Liquidation: Echoes of the Past – Ironclad, Narrator, Announcer Shot One!– Queen Kyu– Shot One Team (PC) Grand Guilds –Amelie Belrose– Drix Studios (PC, Nintendo Switch) Remothered: Broken Porcelain –Jennifer – Stormind Games, MOBUS Games (PC, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, PS4) Eastshade –Anika – Eastshade Studios (PC) PAYDAY: Crime War –Kelly Landers – Starbreeze Studios (Mobile) HuniePop 2 – Abia Nawazi – HuniePot (PC) My Time At Portia – Sophie, Yeye, Penny’s singing voice – Pathea Games (PC, PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch) Lorelai – Maria – Harvester Games (PC) Love Esquire – Dr. Cecilia – YangYang Mobile (PC) Crush Crush! –Roxxy, Vellatrix– Sad Panda Studios (PC) Deep Inertia – Jackson – PickLock Games (PC) Heroes of Newerth – Onmyoji Tarot, Mercury Wretched Hag, Fireheart Magmus, Christmas Solstice, Storm Daughters Sand Wraith – Frostburn Studios (PC) Apotheon – Daphne – Alientrap Games (PC, PS4, XBOX) A Tale Of Two Kingdoms – Rhiannon – Crystal Shard (PC) Heroes Clash Of Kings – Linte, Guinevere – Elex Wireless (Mobile) Heroes Charge – Hidden Needle Tango Skin – uCool (Mobile) Heroes Arena – Hela Bloodweaver – uCool (Mobile) Poltergeist Treasure–Lorna– Standoff Software (PC) Gods Unchained–Aeona– Immutable Games (PC) Overload – Dr. Matsuko Yamada – Revival Productions (PC, PS4, XBOX) XOXO Droplets – Missy Smith – GB Patch Games (PC) CyberThreat – Hazel Maylis – Conor McKenna (PC) Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes The Fox – Anzu – Reine Works (PC) Flappatron –Mrs. Winks, Gobalina, various voices– Manning Media (PC) Leprechaun Shadow –Lorna– Standoff Software (PC) Mon-Cuties for All – Mermaid– Reine Works (PC) War Legion –Nine Tails, Chantress, Crusader, Cleopatra, Kato Kiyomasa - MechanistGames (Mobile) Reflections: Dreams and Reality – Thiria – Reine Works (PC) Pale Spectrum – Gwen – Ithaqua Labs (PC) Stars and Snowdrops - Princess Kovida - Ithaqua Labs (PC) Heart's Medicine: Doctor’s Oath - Carol - Blue Giraffe, Game House (PC) Adam Waste – Newscaster – Blackturn Ltd (PC) Ancient Frontier – Veronica – Fair Weather Studios, LLC (PC) Konsui Fighter – Yasu – Circean Studios (PC) Thea: The Shattering – Lada, Zorya, Nyia, Dzievanna – MuHa Games (PC, PS4, XBOX) Neon Town – Extra Vocals – Treneon Games (PC) Guise of the Wolf – Isabella – Fun Creators (PC) Infinite Adventures – Astral Maiden, additional voices – Stormseeker Games (PC, PS4, XBOX) Lake of Voices – Margret – GB Patch Games (PC) Into the Hoop – Akane – Into The Hoop (PC) Anonymous Agony – Main Theme Song singer – Jake Caro (PC) Waifu Fight Dango Style! – Miss Kuroi – Enso Entertainment (PC) Bella – Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd (MOBILE) Lylium Legends–Blue Mage / Battle Witch / Valkyrie Commander – FireSnake Games (MOBILE) Pump Hero – The Mayor – Arbor Interactive (PC) Yokai Kitchen–Monkey Boo, Fox Pam and Guest Sue– FriendTimes (MOBILE) Genesis –Amber– Rampage Games (PC coming to PS4) The Divine Speaker–Lilas (PC) The Takeover–Half Pint, Vile, Raven, Mercury– Pelikan13 (PC)
  • Soundtracks and Albums (Vocalist)
    Fusion Orchestra 2 – Casting Shadows Never Stop Sneakin' (Video Game OST) Angry Video Game Nerd – Singer, The Incredible Crash Dummies Episode The Letter (Video Game OST ) Whit3 Boy – Priority Brighton Rock (2010 Motion Picture OST) The Musical Companion To “Angels In My Bedroom” Book 1 – Hal Dickens Generation Gaming XVI – Dan Bull The Bendy Collection – Kyle Allen Music Zero_one – The Living Tombstone

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Elsie has been a panelist, guest and performer at multiple video game/anime conventions across the UK and USA. Get in contact to book Elsie for your convention for any of the following additions:


Book Elsie to speak on a specialized “Voice Acting 101” panel, to further educate attendees new to the voice acting industry on how to break into it from scratch, along with tips and tricks about sustaining a career in voice over for video games, animation and anime.


Book Elsie to sing at your convention, where she’ll perform a set full of popular and fun songs from anime, video games and cartoons.


Book Elsie as a guest to sign prints and meet fans! Elsie’s meet and greet turnouts to previous conventions she has attended have been very successful, and are a wonderful opportunity for her to meet and interact with guests.


  • London Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist - June 2021

  • London Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist - February 2022

  • Birmingham Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist - April 2022

  • Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist - April 2022

  • Glasgow Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist - July 2022

  • London Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist - August 2022

  • HotaruCon -  Milton Keynes - Guest/Panelist/Performer - November 2022

  • EGX London - Panelist - September 2022

  • MCM London Comic Con - Panelist - October 2022

  • London Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist - August 2023

  • London Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist February 2024

  • Bristol Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist March 2024

  • Manchester Anime and Gaming Con - Guest/Panelist April 2024

  • MCM London Comic Con - Creator/Panelist May 2024


  • KAMICON - Birmingham, AL - Guest/Panelist/Performer - January 2019

  • KamehaCon - Guest/Panelist - May 2023

If you wish to book Elsie as a guest, panelist, performer (or all three!) for your convention, please get in contact via the “CONTACT” page below and request her convention requirements document. Alternatively, contact Heather or Chris at CONVENTIONS ETC. - or

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For convention bookings and all other inquiries, please use the contact form below:

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