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Elsie Lovelock is a British voice actor and singer who has been acting since the age of 16. A force of creative nature since toddlerhood, she has been in many musical theatre productions and shows, both professional and amateur, and has worked as a host and entertainer professionally. Having had her own YouTube channel since 2008 where she has uploaded over 200+ self-mixed song covers with a combined total of over 70 million views, she has also used this knowledge and experience to further assist her in the vocal world.

With passionate drive and an extremely easy going disposition, she has provided voices and song vocals for a huge plethora of different video games, animations, albums and projects during her time as an actress. Elsie has a unique, dynamic, strong, emotive and very versatile voice with years of acting experience in theatre and voice over. Her normal speaking voice is clear, mid-to-low in pitch with an East Sussex accent. For voice over; from old ladies, to children, to monsters - she has you covered!
For singing; her voice is Soprano range, capable of adapting to every type of genre, with a very strong belt. She will deliver work punctually, take direction easily and strive to make her work the best quality it can possibly be!
With a fully equipped home studio, she continually works with clients from all over the world.

When she's not working on voice over or singing, she loves to listen to music and draw until an ungodly hour, play horrifically gory shooter video games with her friends and record and mix covers for her YouTube channel!



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Microphone: Neumann U87 ai
Interface: Audient iD4 
Pre-amp: Neve 1073N
DAW: Adobe Audition CC 2019
Booth: Studiobricks One Plus


Skype, SourceConnect (Standard + Now), Zoom, Discord, GoToMeeting, CleanFeed​
Ethernet Connection

Upload speed: 18.77 Mbps

Download speed: 50.41 Mbps


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